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Description in Merchant Email Receipt reads "cart checkout" not product description.

My Merchant Email Receipts do not list the products the customer has ordered. Is this normal? They read like this:


========= ORDER INFORMATION =========
Invoice : 20
Description : cart checkout
Amount : 0.01 (USD)
Payment Method : Visa
Type : Authorization and Capture




It seems as if they should list the products ordered? If so, how can I configure this. I see nowhere to configure the merchant email receipt, only the customer receipt, which I have done.


I am using the WP eStore plugin for Wordpress sites, at




Is it normal to have an order with $0.01 amount? How are you testing this?


Sorry no it is not normal - This was a purchase of a $37 product with a "testing" coupon code taking $36.99 off so I can test it. But the merchant email receipt is the same in regular product purchases - there is never a product description it always says "cart checkout" next to Description. I do get an email from my shopping cart and I use that to fulfil the order but it would be handy to have that info on the merchant receipt as well.

Well, the description is set to whatever the cart passes for a description. Same with itemized order info. So if it's not displaying, the cart needs to be updated, I would think, and that would be something to take up with the makers of your WP plugin.

Ahh OK thanks I will ask them!