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Desktop Integration with CIM

I am working with a client whose POS software runs on a desktop platform, not web. Would it still be possible to integrate with the CIM system? Would it be possible to form the XML string by hand and POST it to the API URL through an HTTPS socket type of object? My hands are a bit tied here in terms of the language I use because they need it done in a langauage they support, which is not one included in your examples.


If it seems like this will work, would I do the authorization posts first, then the creatCustomer/getCustomerInfo type of calls after?


Hello @8Ball


Our gateway will work with any application that can send and receive XML requests using our API.


How you sequence your transactions depends on your requirements.  For example, you can use Create Transaction to process a payment AND also create a customer profile if the payment was successful.



Administrator Administrator


Thank you for your timely response. I guess I am a little confused. When you say "useing our API" do you mean posting information to If so, can the XML request be posted as a single long string? I am not sure what happens under the hood with many of these built in POST commands, but I can specify my own message/data to post, will posting the raw XML work? Or is there some kind of processing that needs to happen?

The correct endpoints when using XML are as follows:


Sandbox URL:  

Production URL:


The API Reference includes a live console where you can test transactions in our sandbox.