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Direct Payment or Direct Credit transactions using AIM?

Can I use Authorize.Net's AIM  API (or another one) to process a direct credit transaction? ie:  the reverse of an eCheck transaction so that I can credit the supplied bank account from my account rather than debit it?






You can issue a credit to a credit card if you supply a transaction ID, amount, and last four digits of the credit card number. You can - I think - do the same thing with the last four digits of the bank account. There may be a time limit of 90 days on that, however. You can also issue something called an unlinked credit, which allows you to credit without a prior transaction - this doesn't come standard with your account and has to be requested via an application form. I would assume it also requires the full bank account number.


Hey, thanks for the feedback!  Unlinked credit sounds like what I need to do.  I will see about getting my account enabled for that.  In order to implement the trransaction via an API can I still use the AIM API, as I do for processing e-check, or is there another API? 



You'd still do it via AIM. It's just a type "credit" with no trans_id and full billing info, as opposed to a regular credit, which is type "credit" with a trans_id and just the last four digits.