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Direct Post Not Working On Magento

I have tested the Direct Post Method on two different Magento sites, on two different servers, with two different Magento versions, but can't get the Direct Post payment fields to show on either.


On the checkout page, when I select the Direct Page payment method, this message appears:
"You will be required to enter your payment details before you place an order."


However no payment fields ever come up, and the customer can place an order without actually paying.  In the Magento backend, these orders show as "Payment Pending".


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


on the how it work, your server should display the payment form, not, so this is an issue with Magento.


Were you ever able to get it working? I'm experiencing similar issues.


Hi Natex3000 & gpaye8 , did you guys ever find a solution to this direct post  error?: 

You will be required to enter your payment details before you place an order.


I have successfully processed claims with the direct payment method with  In order for all of the screens to display correctly I had to enable the module under payment methods and add the three critical credentials that requires.  Even one missing will cause it not to work.  

1.) API Login ID

2.) Transaction Key

3.) Merchant MD5


I was successful in the 1.9 version of Magento but have not completed the setup in Magento 2 to see if it works there.