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Directly transfer payments to vendors

Is it possible to directly transfer the payments to user accounts. I have an invoicing platform where users can create invoices to receive and I want that whenever an invoice is paid, the payment should directly move to that user's bank account. I didn't find any way to attach bank account in Authorize Net like Plaid or Stripe connect provides this functionality.

Please guide. 


Authorize . net itself doesn't currently offer direct bank account transfers to vendors like Plaid or Stripe Connect. Authorize . net focuses on processing credit card and electronic check (ACH) payments.

Here are a couple options to consider for your invoicing platform with vendor payouts:

  1. Third-party Integration: Explore integrating a third-party service like Plaid or Stripe Connect alongside These services specialize in facilitating secure bank account connections and payouts. You can process the invoice payment through Authorize . net and then use the integrated service to transfer funds directly to the vendor's bank account.

  2. Manual Payouts: If you prefer not to integrate a third-party service, you can choose to handle payouts manually. After receiving the payment through Authorize . net, you'd be responsible for initiating transfers to vendors through your own business bank account or another payment processor that supports ACH transfers.