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Do you automatically update and integration test your internal packages?

I was thinking it would be nice to have some CI process that would automatically update all packages in my solutions, build and run unit tests. I would like to be notified if the build or tests fail as long as the major version did not change (i.e. not explained by breaking changes). Ideally then create all pull request to keep the solution up to date. A nice bonus feature would be to notify the package maintainer if his minor version change or bugfix breaks multiple builds (I am thinking of internal packages here, not public packages).

I know this is basically what dependabot does on GitHub and there are some similar solutions available. I was thinking it might not be so hard to create this behavior with for example Cake and dotnet-outdated tool, although I have only thought about it and not tested it out.

Is this something you do within the companies you work for and if so, how did you do it? Using ready made tools or your own build scripts? Please mesmerize me!