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Do you know what this company is using for payment processing?



I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this company was using as their gateway, and if so which "version" of they had. I would like to adopt their method since we too deal with digital goods.


I've linked over three screen shots. Screen shot  3 is not hosted on their site. The URL says worldpay, however worldpay is a merchant service not a gateway. Is their anyway to set up my site this way using I use a custom shopping cart, however I'm more concerned with not having to host my payment page, but be able to design the css and html of the hosted payment page. Also I like the idea of picking which CC type to use before having to go to the actual payment page.




No. This only refers to merchant-defined fields, and there are standard field names you can use for name, customer, billing, and shipping addresses, etc. Most of those pieces of data you wouldn't be collecting anyway.

Do you think its possible to pre authroize a persons payment with DPM. Also do you think we could some how store a payment method kind of how amazon stores your payments so when you buy again you can use the same credit card? I heard some talk about this and I was told it could be done with out actually storing the payment method on our server and could maintain PCI complience. 

1) Yes, you can authorize transactions using DPM and then later capture them using AIM (for up to 30 days).


2) Yes, you can use CIM with hosted popups for the billing management. This allows you to avoid PCI compliance issues and still be able to bill the customer at any time and for any amount (assuming, of course, that the card is still active and has sufficient balance).