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Does still Support the Anywhere-commerce card readers?

We have used Anywhere Commerce card reader for EMV transaction and we have got the sequence of an error code which is listed below. We have used your GitHub demo app with " in-person SDK" for testing and we have used live testing. 


Error codes :


- 1

- 123

- E00027


Hello @birendra


The Response Code Tool can be used to determine why your transaction is failing:



Administrator Administrator



I have seen the Response  Code Tool and it suggests the solution "To resolve this issue, the API Login ID and Transaction Key will need to be generated and added to your software's configuration, so that the website or software may connect to Authorize.Net properly." I do not understand where I have to add "API Login ID and Transaction Key".


The response is displayed the error message "The transaction is unsuccessful" But the payment was deducted


Is this problem is related to "If you or one of your merchants is using the Authorize.Net Anywhere Commerce Walker C2X and/or the BBPOS Chipper™ 2X, via the Authorize.Net In-Person SDKs, you must update the EMV card reader to remove the expired 1152-bit key?"



I suggest opening an issue on GitHub for the sample code you're trying to use.  It will automatically notify the correct developers for them to examine.





I have already raised the issue but no one gives the response.

I know it has been a while but did you ever figure out this issue? I'm also getting an error saying it needs the transaction key and api login id and I have no idea where to include these.