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My company wants to turn on fraud filters for online transactions (where the customer is not present) but for our payment app (where in person transactions will occur) they do not want filters set. Is there a way to specify which types of devices or ...
I am using the Android In Person SDK and am trying to retrieve the signature from the transaction result object. Each time it is returning null. Here is my code where I am trying to retrieve it: try { Log.i(TAG, "Sign base64: " + result.getSignatureB...
I am using the Authorize.Net In-Person SDK for Android with QuickChip in the background (performing EMV transactions without the provided UI). My first transaction always goes through successfully but after that one I receive the error when this code...
I am creating an option for customers to key in their card info rather than swiping. It's my understanding so far that this sort of transaction would be a non-EMV transaction. I have it working but I am wondering how the transaction ID can be retriev...
I am wanting to pass the result value of a transaction to another activity. I am pretty new to java and don't know how I would do this with a custom value such as a net.authorize.aim.emv.Result value. I was trying to pass it as a bundle through the p...
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