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Downgrading to free plan with ARB

I'm using ARB to process monthly recurring paid plans, but want to allow our users to downgrade to a free plan. I want to maintain their ARB subscription so that they can easily (without re-entering their CC info) upgrade back to a paid plan. I'm getting back an error when trying to set an ARB subscription's amount to 0.


Is this possible? If so, why not? It seems like an extremely common use case.


It is only possible to edit an ARB trialOccurrence to 0.00, which means that you would need to set all of the payments up as trialOccurrences, except for the last scheduled payment, in order to be able to edit it to a 0.00 amount. It is not possible to create an ARB subscription entirely of trialOccurrence payments, so at the very least the last scheduled payment must be a regular payment. For example, here is an example of how you would set your interval:




This would not be possible:




Thank you,



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Trusted Contributor