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AIM Troubles: x_amount changes not reflecting

Hi, this is my first post here on the forums. Nice to meet you all.


My issue may have relevent posts in other discussions, but I'm afraid that I'm under the gun somewhat, and I don't have the luxury of searching the forum before I post the request for assistance. I will, of course, do so after posting this.


My issue is as follows: A client of mine has a susbscription service that has been functional for roughly a year and a half. The pricing needs to change, howver, and I have made the adjustment to the AIM subscription info that creates the ARB Subscription within ADN.


This code uses the AIM Integration API, and the variable that passes the amount to ADN is x_amount. Before my change, the value of this variable was set to 24.95, and I changed this to 27.95. New subscriptions are still being created, so the code functions.


The only problem is that the new subscriptions still come in with a charge of 24.95, instead of the new price. The code has been live on the server for several days.


There is no free Trial Period on the subscriptions, and I cannot find another instance of code in the site files that connects to ADN to create a subscription. I have verified in numerous ways that the code I put up is actully there, but I cannot figure out why the price is not updating. I also cannot find where ADN woudl be getting 24.95 from the site code, unless that value is somehow cached or hard-coded in a manner I have not forseen.


Anyone have any ideas where I could try looking to track down the source of this anomoly? Do you think it is code-based, ADN-based, or Server-based?


More details available if you want them. Thank you kindly!


Accepted Solutions

Since AIM and ARB will be a separate call to ADN. Check to see your code where you call ADN for the ARB subscription.

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Since AIM and ARB will be a separate call to ADN. Check to see your code where you call ADN for the ARB subscription.


Thank you, I'll do so and let you know what was the result.

That was precisely it. I didn't realize that there was a secondary call to create the ARB subscription, and that it would also require an update to the price.


Very well done! Thanks for your quick and accurate response!