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E00001 A duplicate customer payment profile already exists

Hey, I'm trying to use this api doc to update existing subscriptions, but get this error


E00001  A duplicate customer payment profile already exists.



A lot of subscriptions can work fine, but a few are not. I'm just updating subscription's invoice number and description.


Anyone knows what happens? Thanks!


Hi @smiletrl


I tried out the api with various combinations, with different card combinations, invoice numbers and description but I couldn't get the error - E00001  A duplicate customer payment profile already exists.


Can you please share more details on exactly what you are trying ?





Authorize.Net Expert Authorize.Net Expert
Authorize.Net Expert

hey kikmak42,


Thanks for the reply.  This error happens with some specific subscriptions. Not all the subscriptions.


What I'm trying is to update the subscription's invioce number and description. 


Then I got this issue fixed by adding the subscription's original customer profile id and customer Payment Profile id into the update code. This error goes now.