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EDI information flow

Good afternoon,

Foremost, admittedly I am not an expert in the operations of how this all works, however I am tasked with trying to find out answers as we transition away from our current Gateway/Merchant and move forward with

Currently, our company is using PaymentWorksSuite (WEX) as the gateway for transactions. The EDI information then somehow makes its way to PNC bank via (3Delta?) from WEX where the information is converted, and then sent back to us in the form of a report so that our Customer Service team and quickly reference transactions.

My question is, utilizing as an All-in-One Gateway + Merchant, how does the flow of the EDI information look in comparison to our current setup?

Thank you very much in advance and I apologize if the above is not 100% accurate

There are on this page many API calls that return transaction information.

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Also, when you set up a merchant account at AN, inside the account login you'll be able to see transactions.