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Possible to process multiple transactions at once?

Please forgive my naivety. I run a small non-profit and we have two merchant accounts and a separate account for each of them. We have multiples because we have to keep different types of donations segregated based on the program they are intended for. We legally can't commingle those funds.


However, very often a donor will want to make a donation to both of our programs. The way it stands now, we run the donor through a form twice, requiring them to enter contact and payment information two times.


We'd like the donor to be able to, on a single form indicate the amount he wishes to donate to EACH program, enter the payment information and then have separate transactions run (on two different accounts) for each program and a summary receipt generated showing the donation to each program. The donor would see two transactions on their card, one for each payment.


Is what I'm describing possible and is anyone on this board interested in consulting on a solution?


Hello @El_Jefe,


What you are describing is achievable in a number of ways, the implementation of which would depend on how you are posting the payment details. Are you posting your XML directly to the API or using a hosted payment form?


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I am facing the similar issue. I want to post two separate transactions from a single Accept Hosted payment form. Could you please guide me how to do that.