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Enable SHA-512 hash on 2008 standard server

How to enable SHA-512 hash on 2008 standard server 32 bit. MD5 hash is disabled and they asked to Enable SHA-512 hash on 2008 standard server, Isit possible on windows server 2008 standard 32 bit machine? Please provide way to do that.


I’m not sure that sha512 has to be enabled or is dependent on your server, generally. I could be missing something. Is your app built on C#? And what is it that makes you think you need to “enable it”
Instead of just using the hashing function for whatever language your app uses?
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Its requirement for to work, Can we do that? I am using code. has a hash function for sha512 I do believe. I am not sure if your server has to have in enabled. I think you just write the function and be done with it. I def could be wrong bc I don’t know much about windows servers.
This is what Microsoft says:

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2:

Starting with Windows Vista and Server 2008, the Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) Suite B algorithms (including SHA2) are included in the operating system and support SHA2.

Note: Even though the algorithms are available, it is up to the individual applications to implement support