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Error 13 when I turn on AVS with DPM



We currently use the DPM API for our site.  We've been live for 2 weeks and transactions have been successfully coming in.  When we launched, I had unchecked all AVS and CVV settings. 


Wanting to have some sort of fraud protection, I have recently turned AVS on.  Here's where the problem begins...

After turning on the AVS settings and trying to place an order I'm getting an error 13 stating that the merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.  This is strange seeing that the site does work and has processed transactions.  When I turn of the settings, the site works again, no error 13. Changing AVS settings shouldn't have any effect on the the merchant login ID or password.


Any ideas what could be causing this?


It shouldn't cause a error 13 with AVS on or off.

Can you check the browser page source at the DPM page to make sure the before and after LoginID are the same? And then check all the params set to