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Error 14

I am trying to test our webpage before we go live and cannot figure out why I keep getting Error 14.  The URL I have entered in the relay reponse area is valid.


I cannot even get to the page to enter my credit card info.


Any tips?


(Our website is in wordpress, with e-commerce, where we accept as a form of payment).




does it match the entry in the merchant account settings?


I set it up in the merchant account settings in and am trying to see if there is a place in the wordpress coding where it "points" to a link.  I think it must be hard coded in to the theme in wordpress, but I'm having a tough time finding it.

don't wordpress have help/setup section for that addon?

Unfortunately they dont...and the theme we are using is no longer available so I cant find any info about anything in the coded section that may be redirecting the relay to another URL.

Can you at least see where the x_relay_url is? You should be able to see that on the form post to and use the browser page source, maybe then you can use that to search the code.