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Error 270

I keep getting error 270 on certain products. I cannot figure out what the difference is between the products that are registering fine and the ones that arent. Can anyone shed incite? Here is the form...

the form IS LIVE so dont submit..


Here is a replica of the form on a test account..


error 270

The line item [item number] is invalid.
A value submitted in x_line_item for the item referenced is invalid.


Can you post an item# that work, and one that didn't?

I dont really know how to find what item or items are causing it, I did not write the form myself, I am using a form plugin....

If it using SIM, you can look at the page source form post to and see what the x_line_item is. Else you'll have to get support from the form plugin.

My guess is that item like "Forms Creative , 12-13 beginner, boys + girls Sat" is use as the item# or item Name, but there is a 31 max char on an item# and item Name.

I have seen this character issue mentioned, but how how an item like "Forms Traditional , 9 & under Beg Trad Form Sat" went through successfully? I would think it would be an all or nothing deal?

if that one work, login to the merchant account, check for that transation and see what the item# is for the.

I thought I may have found it but still got error. I have a logging plugin that records error details. Is there any sensitive info that would prevent me from letting someone look at it?


I have also shortened the product matter what product I try, same error but the line item changes

The response not going to help, I try it, and it only show 270. 


But if you can log the request that send data to . just remove your loginID, and transationKey from the log before posting it here.