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Error 3: The request field(s) are either invalid or missing.(326)

Hi all


I've searched the forums for an answer to this problem but can't see it! Hopefully someone here will have the answer...


I'm using Woocommerce (latest version) with their WooCommerce DPM Gateway


When I try to process credit/debit card payments, I get Error 3: The request field(s) are either invalid or missing.(326)


I found this article which explains what this means but it doesn't tell me how to fix it.


Can anyone help?




How can I tell what data I'm passing to Could this be a problem with the plugin not passing the correct data?



If it is the DPM, look at the webpage that form post to Look at the web browser page source to see what is missing.

I have these parameters


name="x_amount" value="14.04"
name="x_country" value="GB"


Both look Ok though

It is passing x_state with blank or something?

x_state isn't a required field as the shop only sell to UK addresses. I've been using my own account to test it so I change my "state" to CA so the form would pass the correct information but this didn't fix it.

Another thing I could think of is login to the merchant account

Go to Settings - Payment Form - Form Fields, can see if anything is checked as required that are not on the DPM post.

Hi I just tried changing the form requirements but this hasn't solved it either.


Any other ideas?

Copy and post the DPM form post fields and blank out your loginID value.