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Error 87, Works in test environment, doesn't work on live.

I can't figure this out...


    'ResponseCode' => '3'
    'Errors' => array
        'Error' => array
            'ErrorCode' => '87'
            'ErrorText' => 'Transactions of this market type cannot be processed on this system.'
    'AuthCode' => '000000'
    'AVSResultCode' => 'P'
    'CVVResultCode' => array()
    'TransID' => '0'
    'RefTransID' => array()
    'TransHash' => '4D598250AEC3CBE87C21737CD6919126'
    'TestMode' => '1'
    'UserRef' => array()
    'AccountNumber' => array()
    'AccountType' => array()
    '@root' => 'response'



I keep getting this error 87. The market type is ecommerce...we have tried all values from 0 - 5. Nothing works. One other thing we can't find (not sure if it's necessary) is how to pass the SIC code. In the hep docs it mentioned that we were passing the wrong value?


Any help would be appreciated.


ecommerce shouldn't be using a Card Present account. Did they got the wrong type?

Or are you doing a Card Present transaction on a Card NOT Present Live account?


The account says it's a card not present account.


Product Type:Card Not Present
Product Description:medical services to facilities
Market Type:eCommerce

What is the market type value we pass? CP / retail is 2, so what is ecommerce?

If it is a Card Not Present account, you don't pass market type as it is only for Card Present API.


Maybe you got the wrong type on your test account?

Hello sdiggles:


I would recommend sending a support request  Please be certain to include your gateway ID.