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Error in Hosted forms: Customer Information Manager is not enabled

Suddenly today some of my users are receiving the error "Customer Information Manager is not enabled" when attempting to add a card using a Hosted form, or edit a card using a hosted form. Coult this be related to recent changes? CIM is certainly enabled for this account! Any other thoughts? This is a custom integration, the forms are being displayed in a webview inside of FileMaker Pro. Some users are not having any issue. Everyone is accessing through the same API credentials and solution.


Napkin 19 10-15-18, 8.16.40 PM.png


It is possible to disable Customer Information Manager in the account settings. Please check if it has been disabled in error.


1. Log into the Merchant Interface

2. In the left navigation bar select Tools -> Customer Information Manager

3. If it has been disabled you can simply enable it again. Your customer profiles will be available again once it is enabled.

Administrator Administrator

Did you ever find a solution for this?  We're running into the same problem... yes.. it's already enabled... we have new profiles go in, but can't added payment methods to them via the hosted pages.