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Expiration Date is invalid for Valid date

We are using Authorize.Net CIM with Service URL in our system.

First, we were receiving the error "This transaction has been declined.". After investigating this issue, we realized that this issue was occuring only for MasterCards. The only solution we found for this was to change the validationMode to "oldLiveMode" instead of "liveMode". So we did change it.


But than a new issue begin to appear which was not occuring before, the error message is "Expiration Date is invalid.". This error occurs even for valid CC expiration dates. We have noticed that this issue occurs only for CCs whose expiration month is between 1 to 9 i.e. a single digit month.


We have tried with and without appending "0" to a single digit month but the error still occurs.

We are stuck here and this is very serious issue, so any help is greatly appreciated.


(NOTE : We are using oldLiveMode because liveMode does not support MASTERCARDS)


Can anyone help me??




Duplicate post, under a different user name? Why?


Where is the duplicate post?


This appears to still be an issue on the test side. I'm getting the same on

Same exact post, only slightly longer and with text styling. They were posted within just a few minutes of each other and it was a lot more obvious at the time.