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Extra fields in reports

Hi, i'm using CIM, i've transactions that needs to have a common identifier and I need to be able to search via this identifier (or extract some excel with that value) in order to retrieve all transactions that are part of that identifier.

I've read that extraFields are not stored in database, so, my only guess will be to store this identifier in a field that support and i'm not using (still not sure if it's possible, maybe description?)

Which is the best way to perform this? I need this because some transactions are part of a group and i need to quickly identify all transactions that have been performed in differents groups. Any other idea is welcome


Can't you save it in your database?


That won't solve my problem (At least not that i can imagine).

What I need is to get a report from with all transactions settled based in this group_id (i have lots of groups, in each group users pay, and for accounting i need to get a report to see all settled transactions in authorize for a specific group, just to validate that all users have paid and the data in my database is accurate)

Then sure, use one of the field that you are not using.