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FDS Response Authorize.Net API

Hi all

We updated our AIM integration to Authorize.Net API a while back and with AIM, when a transaction was "FDS: Hold for Review" we used to get notified of this as I would get an error code of 253 and I could mark the transaction for special attention. Now this doesn't seem to be happening. I set a transaction limit in the Sandbox to Hold for Review transactions above a certain limit, tried a transaction above that and get a normal Code 1, "This transaction has been approved". I check in the control panel and the transaction is indeed held for review however. My question is, is there any way to get notification that a transaction is held for review and hasn't actually been captured? I will post the JSON response below for this test transaction...


Many thanks




"transactionResponse": {
"responseCode": "1",
"authCode": "H4SE6Z",
"avsResultCode": "Y",
"cvvResultCode": "P",
"cavvResultCode": "2",
"transId": "60120886754",
"refTransID": "",
"transHash": "",
"testRequest": "0",
"accountNumber": "XXXX1111",
"accountType": "Visa",
"messages": [
"code": "1",
"description": "This transaction has been approved."
"transHashSha2": "B65CBA7EE66D62028CEA788D5E1CA182D0EA2CEF788D3B12DE10838D4B09B1416FDDA7D6A39D6DB6B21B4E48A185C5C11D9853860FA4E29345B9DAA9763CE7CC",
"SupplementalDataQualificationIndicator": 0
"messages": {
"resultCode": "Ok",
"message": [
"code": "I00001",
"text": "Successful."


You need webhooks. You can set it up in your interface if to have authnet ping your server when this happens.
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