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Files not working after server migration

recently my files got moved from one server to another, and although the pages render properly, they are not working. In other words the transactions are not going through. 


Is this because the files might need some sort of permission set on them?




Some clues might be helpful, like what programming language you're using, what happens when you try to run through transactions (blank screen? errors? what errors?), whether there's a variable config file you might have forgotten or a database tie-in that might not be configured yet, etc. As far as I know, there's no permissions issues with


EDIT: One possibility might be that the version of the programming language you're using isn't as recent as the one that was on your previous server, or might have different ini settings (PHP) or equivalent.




Thanks for your feedback.


The programming language is .aspx.


Also all the files from the previous server were transfer onto the new ones and no change was made to them.


But you're right I might have to update a config file, or it might be that the database has to be configured as well. I will look into and see. Thanks.