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Fraud Status / Capture via API

Is there any way to Void or Capture items in the Fraud Detection Suite via API? We have multiple stores and it is very time consuming to jump into the Virtual Terminal multiple times per day.


If there is not a way to do this via the API, we were thinking of setting Triggers, but allowing the Authorization to go through. We can check the AVS and CVV codes on our end, but is there a way to get the Fraud Status if a transaction were to trip something like the Regional IP Filter? We would essentially set up our own scoring model and put things in queues on our end based on the AVS, CVV, and Fraud codes.



Wondering if I need to state the problem more clearly:


We have signed up for Fraud Detection Suite. We currently have rules (AVS mismatch, CVV mismatch, Regional IP/Billing Address mismatch, etc) set up within the suite to Trigger an email alert and Place Authorization on Hold.

We operate several websites with their own merchant accounts, so it is cumbersome to continually log into all day. Is there a way via the API to either Void or Approve the held authorizations?

If there is not a way to Void or Approve held authorizations via the API, we thought about leaving the Trigger email in place, but eliminating the Hold. We can check the AVS and CVV codes on our end as they are passed with the transaction details.


However, it does not appear that any codes indicating the other Fraud issues such as Regional IP/Billing Address mismatch are passwed with the transactions. Is there any way to use the Transaction information to look this up via API?




Hi sweeperq,


I would suggest that you check this previous post for your question.




Found that we could access the list of fraud filters by using the ReportingGateway API and calling the

GetTransactionDetails function. Any advandced fraud filters that were tripped will be in the

FraudFilters property (array of strings containing messages from each of the filters) of the Transaction object.


Thankfully, these filters are present on Triggers (email) as well as Holds. We should be able to set all fraud filters to Trigger, rather than hold, and create our own scoring model to automatically decide whether to process an order, or to drop it in the fraud review queue (to be approved or voided), thus removing the need to go into the Merchant Interface to Void or Approve held authorizations.


Does anyone know the list of potential strings for the Fraud Filters? An example is "Shipping-Billing Mismatch Filter".



We do send the following responses for AFDS:


250 Fraud Detection Suite (FDS) blocked IP address

251 FDS filter triggered - filter set to decline

254 FDS held for review


Thank you!