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Handle error on Accept Hosted

Hi there,


I'm involved in testing  Accept Hosted integration (both redirect and iFrame methods) and I was playing with Transaction Amount Triggers (from Testing Guide) to generate payment error.

I noticed that errors are displayed on the payment form and I can see these transactions on merchant interface with corresponding status (Declined/General Error).


Extract from docs:

Error Handling

Because this is a hosted payment form, processor card declines and other errors are handled within the form itself.


But what about our back-end ? Please, tell me, does exist there a way to our back-end could receive notifications from about above mentioned transactions status to be able to update it in our DB ?


Thanks in advance for the response!


Hello @SergCCC


Have you tried using a webhook?



Administrator Administrator

Hi, Richard.


Yes, I have setup webhook tuned for all payment events.
And we received notifications about such events as payment created/refund/void. But no one notification on payment error.

Is this correct behavior of the webhook?
Or it should send notification on transaction decline also ?


Thank you very much for your answer !

Hello there.


Still no answer...


Does anybody know:

Should a webhook tuned for all payment events send notification on transaction decline or not ?


Thanks in advance for trying to clarify the situation !