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Has anyone successfully tried a partial refund with apple pay on settled transaction?

I've implemented a custom Authorize.Net AIM NVP integration which supports tokenized card information passed by apple pay.

The integration works well except I'm unable to do a partial refund of a settled transaction, the response from in such cases is

3|2|54|The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.|

All required information is being sent to which includes passing last 4 digits of the credit card, no expiry date is being sent.


Explanatio for error code 54: The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit. It may be unsettled, an invalid type, the wrong currency, an invalid reference transaction ID or settled more than 120 days ago.
Consider applying for Expanded Credit-Return Capabilities if the merchant needs to refund transactions older than 120 days.


I can do partial refund for similar transactions (paid by apple pay) from's merchant interface. Full refund of similar transactions (paid by apple pay) work fine.


Has anyone faced similar issue?


Attempting to follow up this old thread with what solved my problem.


Make sure your 'last four' is the Payment Token's 'last four' and not the Transaction AccountNumber's 'last four'.