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Haven't received webhook notifications in 2 hours

I am integrating webhook integrations into something that I am building. I am testing using Postman, and everything was working fine until a couple of hours ago...where now it seems that new transactions (that show up in are not showing up as of the last 2 hours or so. I still see notifications from before that...but any new transactions sent to don't seem to be sending out notifications. It might help to know that I am currently using the Sandbox.


Is there some kind of limit or time cut-off for webhook notifications? Or, is something broken on your guys' end. I don't think it's something I did wrong because new notifications aren't coming in for both my site (that I am integrating) and Postman (from which I am using for reference and testing). Please help. Thank you!




If I change the GET url from:




I get the new notfications. Any idea why? I didn't have to do that before.


I am still having the same problem. Is there anyone that can help?

Hey jonCherlin1, 


I think your second example is working because you are passing parameters. Your first example is not. I would imagine that any notification request would have to pass some sort of parameter(s).