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Held for Review Status to do

Hi, I've beenn searching information about this status but I've find diferent answers for the same question, so I need a definitive information about this status.

I'm using Expresscheckout solution, and when some customer finishes atransaction, there are 4 posibles status for the transaction. 3 are clear, but the number 4Held for review is not.


1) when a held for review transaction finishes on held for review, ho is going to aprove o decline this transaction on the next days, the user or system? I find some answers saying that the user has 30 days to aprove or void ut, and some answers saying that Authorizes aprove or decline it in 2 days.


2) If finally authorize does this action. Is any way to configure my merchant profile in order to recieve a email when finally authorize aproved or decline a transaction that was previously held for review?


0) Is held for review a posible answer in my system (express checkour using credit card). I've red something extrange in the forum that it only happens with echecks or similar...


Tahnk you in advance



Since, no body else response. I'll get it a try.

1) is not going to do anything. so it will be up to the merchant to release or cancel it. Although, I am not sure when it will get expire.


2)kind of answer in 1)


0)the way I understand is that it happened only if you set it on the merchant account for any of the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite filters, amount, ip, etc.


1. A transaction held for review by the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) will be held for either 5 or 30 days depending upon the filter settings. If the AFDS filter is set to "Authorize and hold for review" the transaction will authorize as normal and you will have 30 days in which you can choose to approve it. If the AFDS filter is set to "Do not authorize and hold for review" it will be held foronly 5 days. If the merchant does not approve or decline the transaction within that time, it will decline automatically.


2. Email receipts are sent at the time of authorization, so this would depend again upon the filter that is being used.


0) In addition to AFDS, you can receive the held for review status for eCheck accounts. This is really only for brand new echeck accounts which are not fully out of underwriting. Once the transactions start settling you won't see it anymore.