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CIM Embedded hosted form. (Not a popup)



I was wondering if it is possible to use the CIM Hosted forms as iframes embedded in a html page, rather than as a popup?


It makes reference to an option seperate to the popup here:



But here is doesn't here:

Page 98, Step 6, under "Using a Hosted Form"


The only reference I can find to any host forms that don't involve a redirect to's page, always involve the popup.






It says:


Use an iframe to display the Authorize.Net hosted page within your web page so that the customer can add or edit individual payment profiles and shipping addresses.


All that means is that rather than redirecting to the hosted page, you'd load it inside an iframe. Then, I assume, have the receipt page call the parent page when the transaction is complete and tell it to close the iframe and display a message. I've never done that myself - always used the popup - but it doesn't sound like it would be that hard.


Thanks for the answer, it's more or less what I was thinking to, I just hadn't seen any examples pointing in that direction, they more leaned towards the pop-up so I was windering if anybody had gone the direction of the embedded form and if it was do-able.


I'll test a few options and see what I can do.