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Help needed for storing lineitems from Virtuemart 3 orders and CIM data



As I am sure most of you are aware, Virtuemart 3 (VM3) for Joomla, comes with a standard payment processor plugin. This plugin is currently (in my environment) set to work with a sandbox account.


When I look at the code of the plugin, it appears to be capable of sending line item and customer data to the API to be stored, but I cannot get this to work!

If anyone can help paid or unpaid, I would be very interested!


Hello @Datalynk


You might consider checking our list of Authorize.Net Certified Developers with experience with Virtuemart and Authorize.Net integration.

Administrator Administrator



Thank you for the response, however or the provided link, with a list of "Certified Developers" you will find alot of the profiles no longer exist on eLance, and for the ones that do, many have alot less experience with the API than I do. 


So in short, thank you, but I found this to be a relatively pointless excercise and suggest that invest in some real support for developers like myself.


Should anyone reading this feel that they can help, please feel free to contact me on Skype: Datalynk