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How can I validate information without emailing customer?

We have a business model where we rebill customers every month based on monthly activity.  So each month, the bill will be a different amount. 


We would like to validate payment profiles a week before billing so that if any profiles are no longer valid we know that prior to billing (such as expired credit card, etc).


I thought I would put together a quick loop that does a validateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest.  However, that sends a notification to every customer that we are doing this.  This creates a great amount of confusion, becasue now the customers think they are getting double billed.


Is there a way to simply validate that we have good information on a regular basis, without sending any kind of an email to the customer to let them know we are validating the information?


It a settings on the merchant account, you can turn it off, then do you own email when you creating the transaction.