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How do I get my Maven Integration tests to run

I have a maven2 multi-module project and in each of my child modules I have JUnit tests that are named and for unit tests and integration tests respectively. When I execute:

mvn test

all of the JUnit tests * within the child modules are executed. When I execute

mvn test -Dtest=**/*Integration

none of the tests get execute within the child modules.

These seem like the exact same command to me but the one with the -Dtest=/*Integration** does not work it displays 0 tests being run at the parent level, which there are not any tests


The Maven build lifecycle now includes the "integration-test" phase for running integration tests, which are run separately from the unit tests run during the "test" phase. It runs after "package", so if you run "mvn verify", "mvn install", or "mvn deploy", integration tests will be run along the way.

By default, integration-test runs test classes named **/IT*.java, **/*, and **/*, but this can be configured.

For details on how to wire this all up, see the Failsafe plugin, the Failsafe usage page (not correctly linked from the previous page as I write this), and also check out this Sonatype blog post.


You should use maven surefire plugin to run unit tests and maven failsafe plugin voojio to run integration tests.

Please follow below if you wish to toggle the execution of these tests using flags.

You can follow the maven documentation omegle shagle to run the unit tests with the build and run the integration tests separately.

Maven Configuration




So, tests will be skipped or switched according to below flag rules:

Tests can be skipped by below flags:

  • -DskipTests skips both unit and integration tests
  • -DskipUnitTests skips unit tests but executes integration tests
  • -DskipIntegrationTests skips integration tests but executes unit tests

Running Tests

Run below to execute only Unit Tests

mvn clean test

You can execute below command to run the tests (both unit and integration)

mvn clean verify

In order to run only Integration Tests, follow

mvn failsafe:integration-test

Or skip unit tests

mvn clean install -DskipUnitTests

Also, in order to skip integration tests during mvn install, follow

mvn clean install -DskipIntegrationTests

You can skip all tests using

mvn clean install -DskipTests