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Retry failed ARB payments

I saw that I can now turn on Automatic Retry Recurring Billing, but I'm trying to figure out how to do this via the API.


If I turn on ARRB, and a transaction fails, it goes to suspended, if nothing changes on the customer's card, say they didn't have funds that day, but want to retry it the next day, what would I do. 


And what else would I need to do, if after the retrys (say two days from their set billing), then to terminate it, would I then have to manually update it to terminated? Or will it stay in suspended state for ever?



Hello @nadermx


It's not possible to enable this feature via the API, it must be enabled within the Merchant Interface



Administrator Administrator

I think you misunderstood, I know I have to enable the ARB through the merchant interface, what I'm asking is once that is enabled, how can I reactivate a subscription or have it retry via the API if it failed, but using the same card without having to update their information, say due to the fact that they did not have funds when it tried running, but the next day it did


Hmm, that's a really good question @nadermx.  And sorry for the confusion.


I would suggest contacting Customer Service for this question.  They are available by phone 24x7 at 877.447.3938, or you can open a case online at



Hi @nadermx ,

How did you solve it?