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How do I paste the API login and transaction key in squarespace?

I am trying to integrate with my website, in which my host is squarespace(big mistake). They don't have a destination for an API or transaction key. I can inject html,javascript, and css codes, pretty much on any page or anywhere in my site. But for the life of me, I cannot inject authorize.nets api and transaction keys to allow this open channel of communication between my site and I have spent hours with squarespace techs(emailing back and forth all day long because by policy, they don't communicate by phone), with no such help because( is a third party and thier codes so they can't help me).


I'm hoping someone has some kind of knowledge using squarespace or just has the solution for me besides getting rid of my host and building a new website.


Hello @jasuka 


I did a quick check of the squarespace website and didn't find any options to use Authorize.Net for payments.


You can find a list of solutions pre-integrated with Authorize.Net in our Certified Solution Directory.



Administrator Administrator

Thanks, looking into it now.

@jasuka did you ever get this to work with Squarespace?