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How to pass a transaction result value between activities (android in-person sdk)

I am wanting to pass the result value of a transaction to another activity. I am pretty new to java and don't know how I would do this with a custom value such as a net.authorize.aim.emv.Result value. I was trying to pass it as a bundle through the putExtra method of intent but once I'm in the other activity I'm not sure how to convert this value from a bundle to net.authorize.aim.emv.Result. Would anyone be able to help point me in the right direction? 


Here is my code where I am attempting to retrieve the result value:


Bundle bundleResult;
net.authorize.aim.emv.Result result;

Intent i = getIntent();
if (i != null){
if (i.hasExtra("result")){
bundleResult = i.getBundleExtra("result");
result = bundleResult; //this is where I am receiving the error since the bundle needs to be converted



I ended up just doing what the sample app did where they assign the result to a variable in the AppManager activity and then access that variable from other activities to get the result data.