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How to receive notification of declined transaction?

I receive notifications of successful transactions and those that trigger a fraud filter, but I need to know when a transactions is not successfully completed for other reasons, such as when a credit card is declined by the issuer.


I am not a developer so my technical know-how is limited, but I chatted with an rep a few days ago and he says this notification is not possible. But my hosting service rep says it can be done. We offer high dollar value items, so one lost sale can be a huge deal and I need to be notified ASAP so we can follow up.


FYI -- we recently transferred our site from an HTML site to WordPress / WooCommerce. On our old site we were notified of all failed transactions, but I don't know if it was coming from or the old hosting service. I have the woocommerce email notifications all turned on so I don't think it's a problem in there.

I would really appreciate any insight on how to accomplish this!