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I am very bad at integration. How can I improve before Fall?

Hello guys,,

I'm really, really worried about Calc 2. Currently my GPA is 3.75 (it'll still be my first year in college officially, but I took a year of classes of dual enrollment so I'll be pretty much in sophomore territory starting out) and for my scholarship I need to maintain a 3.0 by the end of my second semester there. A lot of people fail Calc 2. It's terrifying me. Why? Because at the end of last semester, I couldn't integrate. I just couldn't do it. We only reviewed it for a week and then had an exam on it and I got a D on the exam (still got a B in the class, though, because I had As on everything else). So, obviously, I really need to learn how to integrate. Pronto. Before the end of August. Anyone have resources to help me? Is there hope? Are there shortcuts?