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Important Hosted Payment Form Discussion

Use this thread to discuss changes to our Hosted Payment Form



Administrator Administrator

Instead of using SIM with iframe, might be better off using DPM.

DPM appears to be completely broken right now?


Our users are no longer being redirected back to our site. They're receiving a static receipt on:


Anyone else seeing this? Problem seemed to start exactly when the hosted payment changes went live last night.

As part of this change, are you also preventing HTML/JS/CSS in the DPM response page?

Because, uh, that isn't going work...


I have been seeing a problem starting 9/9/2015, possibly due to the latest update being rolled out as mentioned elsewhere, where the Relay Response URL set in the x_relay_url param for SIM transactions is getting transformed into all lowercase.  Monitoring our http server logs, I see the Relay Response URL being requested from's server after the customer pays, but due to it being all lowercase, it is ending up in a 404.


This is causing a major problem for us as we keep track of our customer's payments and update the status according to the Relay Response.  The effect of this is that no current payments are ending up getting marked as successful on our end.  


Again, it looks like the Relay Response URL parameter contents for SIM transactions is getting translated to all lowercase, which is breaking processing on it.


Is this a bug, or the new intended behavior?  


You guys need to roll back this change.

Hello @penguinx64


We are aware of the lower-case conversion issue and our product team is working on a solution.


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This is happening to our integration. We are not getting back a response and are stuck on a static page. This has taken down our ability to effectively process payments. This change MUST be rolled back or we will take direct impact on the revenue of our business. 


We use the transact.dll, and we noticed at about midnight last night that we were not receiving any responses from


I believe we are using AIM however. 


Our company has just invested months of time swiching all of our apps to SIM. For us to redo this all because of one line in a stylesheet seems drastic


Is there any reason the overflow-y can't be set to auto instead of scroll?



We are seeing the exact same problem.  

We were able to find a work around.


Our relay URL is listed as '' which is camel case. is posting back to '' which is all lower case, this causes a 404 in our system.


We changed our code to map to the url, '' all lower case and confirmed that it worked.


To others facing the same issue, you could also try using an apache rewrite rule to change incoming requests from the all lower case incoming request (like '/paymentrelay' ), to the case you need (/paymetRelay).