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In person payments without billing address



We will be doing on-site event registration for a conference. Most of our payments are done by our users through our site with a traditional checkout. But, for the on-site registration, people hand their card to our staff and the staff type in the number - in effect, processing the checkout manually through an admin area on our website.


For that process, an address (and AVS) is a huge burden. Is there some way that we can not use the billing address for our administrative payments? Does anybody have any tips on that kind of scenario? We don't want to spend 5 minutes with each customer having them enter their address. Ideally, it would be nice if we could have them process the same way they would with a POS, but just with our staff typing in the credit card number.






Thanks, Raynor... But won't we hit the AVS error?


Do you know if it's possible to only send the postal code? Would that work?





You mean you turn on the AVS on the Fraud Detection on the merchant account settings? AVS itself it just a response, and the credit card issuer bank might or might not reject an transaction based on the AVS response.

Sorry - I should have been more clear. We have AVS turned on. So, I would think that, if we didn't send a billing address, that the charge would be rejected because the AVS match failed. Is that not correct? Or, if you don't send a billing address, does it just not do an AVS check?

You could allow  B     Transaction was submitted without a billing address.

and on your site would require billing address if it is NOT on the admin area.