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What would work best?

Hello Everyone,


I am not very familar with and I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate question. I've looked at the different options (SIM, AIM, CIM, etc.) but I'm uncertain as to which would best meet my desired requirements. I would like to do the following:


1. Limit customer data (CC info) stored on my end because we are not ready to take on the security measures. We can get an SSL cert but overall would like to reduce the data we store 


2. Keep user on our site during payment. We dont want to route the customer off our site. 


3. Have customer data stored on side so repeat customers dont have to input info every time they make a purchase. 


4. Need to process payments on both laptops and mobile (tablets, smartphones) devices. 


To store CC info on, the only option is CIM.

Thanks for the info! What are the primary differences between CIM and AIM? I noticed AIM is listed as allowing mobile payments. Does CIM not allow mobile?

You can't save customer profile with AIM. But AIM support Card Present (retail not web) with credit card track info. Other then that they can do the same type of credit card transactions.


What do you mean by mobile? it is a website? a client/server app? have SDKs for iOS and Android device, but I think it more for the merchant sales team as it required each device to be register on the merchant account and I think there a max # of devices support on each account.

Is it possible to save customer info via AIM on our servers? This is a website. By mobile I meant being able to accept payments on tablets and mobile phones online. I wasnt sure if there were limitaitons in regards to accepting payments on a responsive site. 



Yes you can save customer info with AIM, you just have to be PCI Compliance


If it a website, it make no different on a pc, apple or mobile device.

One more quick question. Can users check out as guest with CIM? 

All transaction on CIM required an customer profile id, you could create a temp one and delete or reused it, but there is a max of 100 payment profiles for EACH customer profile ID.