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Include customer's email address when processing payment using NodeJS

Hello, thank you in advance for any help.  

Our account has the setting enabled to send an automatic email receipt to a customer when we process a payment which includes the customer's email address.  On our old PHP website when we submit a payment, our customers receive the automatic email receipt from 

Our developer is re-creating our old PHP website using NodeJS.  However we cannot find how to submit the customer's email address when using NodeJS.

We see API documentation and sample code located at this address:

In the section named Payment Transactions, under Charge a Credit Card there are tabs with sample code for PHP and a different set of sample code for Node.  The sample code for PHP indicates this is how to submit a customer's email address:   $customerData->setEmail("");

In the Node sample code we cannot find any mention how to submit an email address when processing a one-time payment.

This is the first time I have posted to these forums, please let me know if I have left out required information.

Thank you