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Inperson SDK for windows is not disconnecting from BBPos usb device.

We have been attempting to integrate with the inperson sdk using the bbpos anywhere walker and the windows sdk. I was able to get the transactions to process correctly through the Inperson sdk but am having two issues with the device. 1) the sdk does not seem to release the usb connection to the device correctly as I am able to reproduce my issue with the sample application provided on the git hub site All you have to do is log into a production account and process one emv transaction. Close the application. If you are debugging in visual studio you will notice that even though the screens are closed that the application is still debugging. if you unplug the card reader the debugger stops. If you are just running the exe watch task manager for the process. The application will still be open even though all windows are closed until the device is unplugged.
2) the other problem I seem to be having is that the device is timing out. I believe this is tied to issue 1. After a while the user gets an error stating that they are unable to connect to the device. If they try again or they unplug and plug the device back in again it starts working again.

My code implements IDisposable and calls the this.launcher.stopUSBConnection() though the connection seems to remain. Please let me know what you need from me to help figure out this issue.