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Integration Requirement

I am in the process of trying to figure out the best way to integrate with our eCommerce website. (


Our sales funnel is as follows.

1, Landing Page

2. Payment Method selection page (Select one of Pay by Credit Card, Pay by Pay Pal, or down load form to print out and mail in)

3. For the Pay by Credit Card option, the user is presented with a single web page to fill out his address and credit card information.   The user fills out all the page and presses the complete order button.

4-8. The user is then presented with several web pages (Upsells)  that give him the opportunity to buy additional products.

9. After the last upsell page, the order is submitted for credit card processing.


We collect the credit card information in step 3, and hold it until to step 9. 



1. Maintain the current sales funnel.

2. Do something to avoid retaining the customer's credit card information on our site during the process. Obviously we can collect the credit card info after step 9, but DO NOT want to do so for sales convesion reasons.



 Does have any tools or integration methods that support our sales funnel?  Our current provider does not.  I have been through  the Authorize.ent technical documents that discuss SIM, CIM, and DPM and have yet to find a solution that meets our needs.


Thanks in advance for your help.






Hello jgnazzo

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