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Integration with CIM

We are trying to integrate one of our website using CIM method.


When shopper comes to our site for the first time we call the API createCustomerProfile with shipping nad billing information and also credit card information.

We get the response with customer profile id and customer payment profile Id , approval code and transaction Id.


When the same shopper returns to shop on a different day with same credit card, we call the API createCustomerProfileId which returns an error saying “A duplicate record CustomerProfileId already exists.

We then call GetCustomerProfile by profile Id and get the list of credit cards that was authorized previously and we try to match the last 4 digits and figure out the customerpayment profile id.


We need to authorize the credit card and get back Transaction ID and Approval Code. I do not see any other API which can only authorize and return transaction Id and approval code for the retunring shopper. We will need to send the TransactionId , approval code, CustomerProfileId and CustomerPayment Profile Id to our order management system so they can do a capture at the time when items are ready to be shipped.


Appreciate if anybody can share solution for a similair use case. 


CIM Documentation

On CreateCustomerProfileTransaction

You can do Authorization Only, Authorization and Capture, Capture Only, Prior Authorization and Capture, Refund, and Void transaction.