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Intermitten 404 page errors inside hosted CIM Popup



We have used your CIM PHP SDK to develop integration. I currently have a customer using the live account who is intermittenly receives 404 page not found errors inside the hosted Popup iframe for CIM. Is this due to Authorize.Net servers going down?


We also have issues with the iframe within Google Chrome, where the Popup will sometimes fade out or fade to all gray and become unusable.


Have these issues been reported before?



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bcse_nick, mortimersmythe, and jruser


Are you still experiencing 404 errors inside the hosted CIM popup?

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Hi bcse_nick,

We have not experienced any down time on our end, I would suggest that you try to reproduce the error.




Administrator Administrator



We are still randomly getting 404 error pages in the Popup.



Can you please explain?



Sorry about that last image posted guys. I forgot our dev server has a block. Here is a new link to the image. Does anyone else have this problem? It is not consistent, that is my biggest concern.




We have the same integration on a high traffic/volume system serving a public agency in the SF Bay area and it shows the same 404 intermittently. We have submitted several tickets regarding this error, all dismissed as local network problems, and there are other forum posts about the same issue:


This error is the leading cause of calls into our customer support center and it makes us (not look terrible to thousands of patrons.


Here is what I have observed about this problem (if cares enough to take it seriously):

  1. the problem is not browser specific
  2. when it 404's in one browser, the iframe will usually display correctly in another browser on the same computer
  3. it usually errors consitently for a period of approximately ten minutes, then starts working again in the same browser
  4. it is absolutely NOT a local network related problem (as was unfortunately concluded on three separate support tickets)
  5. when the iframe errors in one browser, attempting to access the page: or in the same browser will result in a 404 also (instead of the missing token content)

This problem is an extremely important for us to resolve, asap.

Thanks for the additional details on your troubleshooting steps.  We'll continue to look into the issue and reply back here when we have an answer.



We went live with our new Authorize.Net system earlier in the week and also have this issue. I personally experienced it within the first hour we were live, but never once experienced it throughout extensive testing on the test account. Our Customer Service department also got calls about this within the first few hours we were live.


We have the CIM implemented as a redirect instead of an iframe and also get the error. The only SIM form we use is this one:


From my limited testing of the issue, I went and loaded the form probably 50 or so times before getting the 404. Once I got the error, I continued to get it many times in a short time period with it occasionally working in between.


I have also submitted a support ticket and sent a link to this thread in the ticket.


I just registered so I could stress importance of getting this fixed SOON and provide another datapoint that the other two posters are not alone in this issue.



EDIT: Looking at this link that was posted earlier in this thread


It is extrememly disappointing to see that this problem has been reported since 2011 and it still happens.


Jruser - could you please provide the support ticket number used to report this issue?

e-ticket number is 1-43628091. They have asked me for a screenshot of the 404 page, which I find an odd request. 404 errors are generic pages shown by the browser, with no useful information. I will have to sit and re-load the page for an indefinite amount of time to get the error to show, and I am not sure when I will have enough free time to do this.

bcse_nick, mortimersmythe, and jruser


Are you still experiencing 404 errors inside the hosted CIM popup?