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Intermittent webhook notification delivery error

We have been using Authorize with our vendor software to process web orders for over 5 years. Last month, on our quarterly sale launch date (larger than normal volume) we started experiencing intermittent errors where delivery of notifications to the Webhook failed. Authorize would attempt to redeliver for 4 days then automatically deactivate the Webhook. During the 4 days and after some transactions would continue to go through successfully. Some would not. When the Webhook is reactivated, things worked again for some time then the issue reoccured.

Continually checking for a deactivated Webhook is fine when our volume is low but we will ramp things up again in late November. Looking to identify what might be the root cause of this sudden change.

Goal here: "The webhook appears to continually becomes deactivated preventing online sales from properly being completed . The webhook is required to be active as software relies on that to complete online transactions successfully. Are you able to determine what would cause the webhook to deactivate and how to prevent it from happening in the Future?"

Appreciate any advice.




Would like to add that this is a Production issue for us. I could not get any help from the support from They only refer me to this developers site. Can I get a call with developers through this community??