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Is PHP/Curl not working on CIM updates?

Is PHP/Curl not working on CIM updates?
This program was working and it just stopped about a week or two ago. - we don't use it very often.

Also, I have my sandbox setup and am not seeing an update into CIM - same as the live system - from the PHP/Curl program that was working.  
How do I trace the attempt?
I've debugged the program to see that all required fields are correct, and I'm not getting an error code - it's just not updating.
Does anyone here actually help out on code?  Maybe something has been deprecated.


yes, https use 443


hopefully that should fix it.

The port was open - in fact my tech said that he traced the submit from my server to the apitest server and it got there,  it just looked like my server IP had been blacklisted because when he attempted to go to the apitest url on my other server, it sent back that the xml was blank - not the error message about protocol. 


How would I check to find out?  I have some very unhappy clients.

If it blacklisted, , email them or call supported.


On the server that did NOT work, can you open a web browser and put the in the address and see if you getting anything? should be the something like

<ErrorResponse><messages><resultCode>Error</resultCode><message><code>E00002</code><text>The content-type specified is not supported.</text></message></messages></ErrorResponse>


The other unknown protocol was mostly about SSL protocol like


OK - it was the web monitor - and then they had to reboot, but it works now.
Thank you for working through this with me.
Now I know how everything works - thanks to you!