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Is SSL required for localhost development and testing?

I've found a few threads that skimmed this question, but no direct question and answer.


Is there a way to develop and test an Accept.js integration on my local machine with the sandbox without an SSL certificate?


This, combined with no responses to a Authorize.Net Github issue that I opened, convinced me that it was necessary to move my client away from Authorize.Net and over to braintree.


I'd highly recommend changing this.

I agree that this is essentially "unacceptable" in 2018 to expect people to develop locally over https for the sandbox version. In fact, I've connected dozens and dozens of API services--- payment services or otherwise--- and never have I seen this. In my use case, we're forced to use for other reasons, otherwise I'd definitely never agree to connecting it.


- paypal: no https for local dev

- braintree: no https for local dev

- stripe: no https for local dev

- assemblypayments: no https for local dev


I know all the developers and project managers at Authorize are working hard, everyone's plate is full,  and everyone is just tyring to get through the week-- so I'm not here to bash you guys. But I think these are the details that need to get focused on (and soon). The offering as a whole is so far behind stripe that it's going to be hard to ever catchup. Nobody in their right mind would suggest using Authorize at this point, unless they had very niche reasons that force their hand. I can get the EXACT same use case covered using stirpe in under a couple of hours, where it will take me 2 days to wade through setup... between poor/outofdate documentation to drudge-report-tier ui/ux... it's just a headache to say the least.

Hi @arc


Thanks for your feedback . This feature is already in works to enable http for sandbox testing  and will be released soon .


Also if you have any  issues or inputs , please feel free to reach out to me at




Send feedback at

Hate to revive an old thread but Is there an ETA for this feature? It's now October.

Am also wondering this.


When (or if) you ever make SSL optional for sandbox, please don't limit it to only "localhost". Some of us will be using other domains, like "localhost:8000" or "" etc.

Wow... ssl required for local acceptjs development. So all our developers have to generate self signed certificates for their local development just to evaluate your product? Maybe we can all ngrok but should be much easier to work with acceptjs.

Requiring SSL for local development is an absurdity that makes me rethink as a valid technical choice.


If you want people to integrate with your service, make it easy. Eveyrone else does. And I mean other payment processors, too -- Stripe is a breeze, for example.


I was pretty pleased with what I'd seen about until I ran into this problem. Now I think you're not really serious about encouraging developers to integrate with your service at all, and will be encouraging my organization to consider other services.


I have not read this entire thread but for sure 100% you can run sandbox live transactions over plain http:// on localhost or on a remote server. I have done this 10,000 times and counting. 

I am still facing this issue, and I am not sure how it worked for you.


I gave a disclaimer that I hadn’t read the thread. The topic title is not specific enough. For Accept.js you still have to be on https as far as I know.